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BARMAJA, a subsidiary of Mayader Limited, is one of the top IT companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. BARMAJA experts and consultants work closely with your organization to ensure optimal cost, best performance and efficiency.


BARMAJA software solutions elevate your business to the highest levels.


Call Center

Companies offering products, services and/or follow-up services always seek practical ways and means to ensure high quality products and services are always delivered. BARMAJA is the ways and means to achieve these objectives and more


Emergency Response Call Center

Emergency Response Call Center Helps Your Business In An Emergency
An emergency response call center service is available to help your business when you need it most. Our emergency call center service operates 24/7/365 because emergencies come at any hour of the day. Efficient call handling of emergencies is essential to the success of your business. Critical calls require call handling expertise and messages delivered quickly to your on-call personnel.


Mobile App Development

BARMAJA always provides high quality services in mobile app development.


Customized Software

BARMAJA tailors solution for to suit specific business needs (e.g School management, HMS, POS etc.).


E-Marketing Services

E-Marketing (SEO & SEM), Services is a very broad term defined for advertising through online channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile apps BARMAJA helps in increasing website visibility in search engine.



BARMAJA manage leads from all sources and ensure high conversion rates.Get started now. Unbeatable value, customized solutions and easy to use.


Web Applications

People are heavily relying on web applications for variety of reasons. BARMAJA Web Application. Design stand out. BARMAJA builds customized E-commerce Website, E-commerce shopping carts that turn your visitors into customers

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Timely Execution

BARMAJA develops and deploys every project within its deadline.

Expert Teams

BARMAJA has teams of experts and consultants.

Affordable Cost

BARMAJA quotes affordable prices for each customer request.